Our Family

Our Family

Saturday, May 14, 2011

Discovery Gateway

On Thursday I woke up and told the kids that we were going to pick up Pashell and go to a fun surprise place. They kept trying to guess but never got it right. All the sudden as we were talking about it I heard this rushing water sound that sounded like there was a water park in my laundry. I go rushing in there and sure enough water was flowing down from the ceiling. I go running upstairs to the bathroom thats in the ply room since thats whats over the laundry room and there was water EVERYWHERE! It coming out from the sink. My little monster Jaydan comes crying and yelling "Im so sorry" over and over. This kid had been obsessed with playing in the water lately. Just a couple weeks ago he filled the bathroom sink and submerged his remote control car in it ruining it. So anyways he was playing in the sink once again and forgot to turn it off when he came to talk to me about our fun surprise and then the sink got full, over flowed and the then bathroom got too full and started leaking downstairs!! What a great way to start a day huh?!? Since this playing in the water thing was becoming a bad habit and starting to cause damage I knew the punishment had to be big. Especially since he had even got in trouble for playing in the sink the night before!! SO at first I thought I would find somewhere else for him to go while we went to our fun place and then a light bulb came on in my head and I thought if I took him somewhere else he wouldnt know the fun he missed out on due to bad behavior so I still took him but he couldnt play at all! He had to sit and watch Maddie and the other kids have fun. Im such a mean mommy I know!! I told Pashell she had to make sure I stayed strong and didnt give in and let him play cause I knew it would be hard for me. I hate seeing my kids sad and miserable but this had to be a lesson learned for him! So off we went and I did stay strong! Every time he would ask if he could just play a little I would ask him why he couldnt and he would put his head down and say "I know I know" I often made comments like "I really hope you can choose good behavior now so next time you can have fun with us" I think it really worked because now whenever he starts acting up I just say "That behavior will not get you to play at Discovery Gateway" and he stops right away :-) Maddie, Pashell and I well and even Kamdyn had a good time there. Hopefully Jaydan will be able to join the fun next time :-)

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brigette said...

Looks like they all had fun and a great learning experience for Jay :)