Our Family

Our Family

Thursday, June 9, 2011

Jaydans Finale Performance

Tuesday June 7th Jaydan had his performance day at The Little Gym for the semester. All the parents and families got to go in the gym and see how much they have grown over the semester. We didnt sign up until half way through so he wasnts able to get in the sports skills class like he wanted to cause they were filled so he was really disappointed. I had to explain to him gymnastics isnt just for girls and in fact 3/4 of his class were boys. He ended up LOVING it! Im so thankful my kids get the chance to go there! They love it and it is so amazing how much they learn and grow!! There staff there is adorable with the kids! Good job to my Jaydan! You were great little guy! Mommy is so proud of you!! Next week he starts Karate and I cant tell you how excited he is!!!

Look at that smile!

Waving to mommy

Watching Mrs Val

I did it!!!

Jaydan with Mrs Val

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brigette said...

looks like he did a great job and had a great time!!