Our Family

Our Family

Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Hammond Family Reunion- Day 2

The 2nd day was the busiest. Not only was it Jays bday (That will have its own post) but it was the day we would be on the lake. We rented a boat, Sea Doo, tubes to pull behind the boat and at the end we even got a water banana. The kids LOVED the boat and Sea Doo!! I am VERY paranoid of water and always have been so when I knew they got the tubes I knew I wouldnt do it. Well once we got on the boat they convinced me and I actually had a blast! The water was so so so cold it took your breathe away!! I did really good too! Once I figured out how to get myself comfortable I stayed on the whole time. Im really glad they talked me into doing it!! A little while after we got back from the lake we went swimming at the pool. It was so fun! We had chicken fights and of course the guys were trying to dunk each other :-)

Maddie loved the Sea Doo

Kamrin taking his parents for a ride

Jay coming back to shore

Kamrin and I with Maddie

Maddie excited for the boat

My goof ball husband

Lamdis and Kamrin

I did it!!

Kamrin and I tubing

My brave Maddie tubing

Shaless and Jared

Jay helping dad drive the Sea Doo

Maddie fell asleep on the boat :-)

My husband trying to squirt me

Jaydan swimming with Hampa

Shaless and Jared

Connor being dunked

Kamrin trying to dunk Jared

Travis dunking Connor

Jared won :-)

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