Our Family

Our Family

Thursday, June 16, 2011

My BIG Boy!!!

Kamdyn is getting so big! He just turned 7 months and on the actual day he turned 7 months we discovered 2 big things. His 1st tooth broke through and he can now sit up on his own!!!! I was at a group Im involved in and missed the discovery of them :-( You would think with it being my 3rd I wouldnt be so sad about missing it but I was! This is one of the many and one of the biggest reasons I chose to be a stay at home mom. I know its not for everyone but its definitely for me!! Dont get me wrong I have my days where I just NEED to be around adults and need a break from my kids but the feeling I got when I missed out on discovering his first tooth and him sitting by himself just confirms I want to be home with my kids and I want to be the one who raises them myself and witness all their firsts before others do. I know even being a stay at home mom I cant be there every minute of everyday and there will be times I miss certain things but for the most part I get those big moments myself and I wouldnt trade it for any amount of money this world could offer. When Kamrin and I first got married he made it clear how he felt about me working verses staying home and luckily we were on the same page on it. He wanted me to stay home as much as I wanted to. We have made some sacrifices to make it possible but in the end I feel my kids have gained so much more then something money could buy them by having their mom home with them everyday all day. Anyways way to go Kamdyn for becoming such a big boy!!!

Sitting up all by myself!!

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brigette said...

He is such a big boy!! So cute