Our Family

Our Family

Monday, July 4, 2011

Hammond Family Reunion- Day 3

Day 3 for me was not fun at all. The day before while at the lake I got the worst sunburn I have ever had in my life! It hurt SO bad!!! Everyone went to a cave nearby but I stayed home with Kamdyn and Kamrins grandma because I was so miserable. My sweet husband took such good care of me and but aloe on me as much as possible. He also did something he used to do to himself when he got horrible burns. He cut up a shirt and caked aloe on it and plastered it to my back so it acted like my skin so it wouldnt rub on my shirt and kill every time I moved. It really worked! Dont get me wrong I was still miserable but not as much as before he did that!! Anyways after they were done at the cave they brought back yummy shakes. That evening we went to a place called Pickleville Playhouse. We ate dinner outside if it and then went it for a play. It was HILARIOUS!!!! Kamrins awesome sister took care of the baby should we could watch it all since she had seen it before. It was such a fun night!!!! After the play we headed home and cleaned up since we had to check out before 10am the next morning. We had such a great vacation!!!!!!!!

Maddie took this picture

Baby trying to steal Hampas drink

This is an awful pic of me but look how miserable I look! I hurt so bad!!

Water fight!!

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brigette said...

Sorry about the sun burn... ouch looks like the rest was a blast!!