Our Family

Our Family

Monday, July 4, 2011

Happy Birthday Jaydan!!

On June 24th while we were up at Bear Lake my little Jay bug turned 5 years old!! I cant believe he is 5!!! I have been a mom for 5 years already! Crazy!! The night before his bday after we put them to bed his family helped us decorate for him. Tons of balloons, streamers and Star Wars decorations. When he woke up we kept him in the room while we but a ballon trap on the stairs so he had to go through all of them to get downstairs. He was so excited when he walked out and saw it all. We opened presents and headed to the lake for most of the day. After the lake we went to a swimming pool for more water fun. After a yummy steak dinner we sang to him and had cake and ice cream. I think he had very fun all day long. He had a grin from ear to ear all day long.

Buddy i cant believe you are 5! That is very bitter sweet for me. I am loving the kid you are becoming but it is very hard seeing you grow so fast. You start Kindergarten in August and that will be very hard for me. You have been with me pretty much everyday from the day you were born so to sent you to school with complete strangers is very tough for me. You on the other hand are VERY excited for school! You are such a sweet little boy. You are the best big brother to Maddie and Kamdyn. I just love you to pieces and I am so thankful I got picked to be your mom because you are the sweetest, most loving, most handsome and most energetic kid
I know!! I love everything about you and always will!!!
Love, Mommy


The balloon trap we made

When he first saw all his decoration

He was so confused what the case was for LOL

When he finally saw his new DS

Maddie had to sneak a taste :-)

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brigette said...

Happy bday Jay!! Looks like it was awesome!!