Our Family

Our Family

Thursday, July 14, 2011

Celebrating Jaydan

We celebrated Jaydans bday quite a bit and we still have 1 thing to do. We first did celebrating on his actual bday with Kamrins family which I already blogged about. Next was a party for my moms side of the family. We did lunch, cake and ice cream and opened presents. The next day we did a party for both him and I at my sisters house with my siblings and parents. We got there early and went swimming which Jaydan requested. We had dinner, did cake and ice cream and presents. yesterday my friend and I took all my kids, her kids and her boyfriends kids to Jump Around Utah. The kids had a blast!!!! After a few hours then we went to Jennys house and she got Jaydan Cars cupcakes and ice cream and gave him his presents and they played at her house til 8pm last night! He has had such a great time in all these celebrations for him. Kamrin and i still owe him bday date. Guess we should get on that now that his bday was almost a month ago :-)

Pics from the party with my moms family-

Pics from swimming and party at my sisters-

Pics from friend party-

We had them sit on that end and Jenny and I bounced on our butts at the same time trying to0 launch them. They LOVED it! They kept begging us to do it over and over!

The group

Jaydan would not take off the green wig for cupcakes :-)

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brigette said...

Fun bday celebrations!! Happy bday Jay