Our Family

Our Family

Monday, January 2, 2012

Ending 2011 Beginning 2012

Our New Years Eve was pretty low key this year. We went to breakfast with Kamrins family and spent the rest of the day cleaning and hanging out at home. Around 630 Kamrins sister and her husband came over to hang out. We ate lots of food, guys played games and us girls laid on the couches watching a movie. Shaless and I are both pregnant so staying up til midnight was TORTURE! I looked at the clock at 1030 and it seriously felt like 3am! We did it though. We made it to midnight. Watched the countdown, kissed our hubbys and then time to clean up our goodies so we could go to bed. Shaless got to see first hand what a clumsy girl I am especially when Im exhausted. I was putting the Chinese food in the fridge and I dropped Jareds Kung Pao Chicken so I took it to the counter to wipe the container off and as Im wiping the last little bit the container went flying all over the place towards poor Shaless. I couldnt stop laughing. I dont think we were meant to eat those leftovers :-) After we got it all cleaned up I realized I should have taken pictures to show you all how bad it really was! I didnt take any pictures that night at all! Im a serious slacker! It was a fun night besides the tiredness and ended on an entertaining night!

2011 was quite a year. Cant really label it as good or bad cause it had both types of moments. We had tough times and lots to celebrate. One of the biggest events was the pregnancy of Kamrins 2 sisters and I. His parents are on grandparent cloud 9 :-) Mine was the biggest surprise for sure. We expected Pashells for sure. Thought it might be coming soon with Shaless but mine was a bit different. We also had our first kindergatener, went back to church, a 1st birthday and found out our family would be completed with a baby girl! We also celebrated the big 5 years of marriage.

2012 will be just as eventful Im sure. Each year goes by faster and faster. I cant wait to meet this little girl. Its a weird thought thinking of once she is born I will never be pregnant again. Im excited for the next chapter for us though after all the baby chapters :-)

Hope you all have a great 2012!!


Telisha Garris said...

Happy 2012 - we both spent our first day of the new year cleaning... I wonder if your new years resolution is like mine!

brigette said...

Happy New Year!! I hope it brings great things for you and your cute family