Our Family

Our Family

Thursday, January 26, 2012

My New Obsession

When Maddie was a baby I made some flower clips with my friend that lived here at the time. It was really fun but never got too into it at the time. When we went to get my new nieces and my younger 2 kids pics done I took all my bows for Pashell to use for Erilyn and it got me to go through them and get rid of a bunch. Then the thought came to me that I was missing alot of colors and now that I will have 2 little girls I need every color possible and at least 2 of each color. I mean what if they happen to wear the same color on some days. Good way to justify it huh :-) Anyways I messaged my sister and talked to her about teaching me again how to make some so I can design my own and have fun while doing it. Lets be honest it gets boring not being able to do much in fears I will put the baby in danger and make the placenta seperate more. So she agreed she would meet me at my other sisters house and bring all her supplies and teach me and let me use her stuff. She is super awesome huh! Well my kids were getting wild and Kamdyn decided he needed diaper change after diaper change so I was down to my last so she tokd me I could just take all her stuff home and make more there. Im so addicted now!! I have so much fun making them! I just wanna make them all the time. Here is some of my creations.

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brigette said...

They look great! Good job