Our Family

Our Family

Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Happy Birthday Kamrin

Kamrin had to work on his birthday but after he got off we made it as special as we could. He wanted to go bowling with the kids, get take out from his favorite Mexican food place and come home and watch a Red Box. Bowling was eventful! The kids had a blast well besides Kamdyn. He was pretty fussy. He doesnt do well in large crowds and load places. He has been like that since he was born. We made it through 1 and a half games before he really lost it. I finally had to take him out and take him for a drive. We had met Kamrin there so we drove separate home. He went to get his food and I was stopping to get the kids a drink and me some dinner from somewhere else. I was only a block away from the bowling place and I see cop lights right behind me. The kids start talking 90mph and told me to pull over to let him pass. At that point I know he wasnt going to pass but that he was there for me. I had no idea why though. I had just turned so obviously not spending and I knew I had my turn signal on. Anyways I pulled into a parking lot and sure enough he came up to my window and talked to me. It was because my head light was out. He was really sweet about it and just told me to get it changed and to have a good night. After he went back to his car the kids were freaking out asking 100 questions. I was laughing so hard at them. It was my first time getting pulled over and even though I knew I didnt do anything wrong my nerves were going crazy!! I just headed straight home and when Kamrin got there I took his car to get me Subway :-) We put the kids to be and cuddled up on the couch and watched Reel Steel. It was actually a really good movie! I really liked it! I hope we were able to make his birthday night special! I know I had fun besides the few mishaps :-) Happy Birthday Kamrin! Enjoy your last year in your 20's! We love you!!!

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brigette said...

Happy bday Kamrin sounds like a great day!