Our Family

Our Family

Monday, April 9, 2012


Our Easter was great this year! The kids slept in a bit which is always a nice present for mommy and daddy! When they woke up they were so excited to see that the Easter Bunny came. They were all so spoiled and loved it all. After seeing everything they got they went on an egg hunt that the bunny left for them. We then made a YUMMY breakfast and ate way too much. By then Kamdyn was ready for a nap and so were Kamrin and I. We all laid down and let the older 2 stuff the eggs for our hunt with my family later that night. We went up to Kamrins grandmas and ate with them and did a hunt with them before we ate. We then headed to my aunts and did a big hunt with all the kids. We have so much candy it makes me sick just thinking of it all! The kids had such a great time and so did we! They all looked so so so adorable too!!!

This picture turned out awesome with how the light was coming through the window!

Kamdyn went to his, Maddie and Jaydans baskets and pulled out every dum dum he could see!! :-)

He actually did the egg hunt right!!!!

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brigette said...

Looks like a great Easter1