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Our Family

Tuesday, June 12, 2012

What Ill Miss....What I Wont

As Im coming to the last couple days of being pregnant not only with this baby but forever I have thought about what a bitter sweet time it is. As much as my body HATES pregnancy I love it. I love being able to feel my baby move in me. I love the thought of my body taking care of my baby until its ready to be born. What an amazing thing women get to experience while being pregnant. Anyways I have tried really hard to enjoy the last bit of this pregnancy and soak it all up but how do you enjoy pure misery right :-) I feel like a fat whale who cant move very well and sleep well thats a joke. I know once she gets here the sleep thing will be even worse but at least Ill have a cute baby to cuddle with and not be because Im so uncomfortable and in so much pain. As Im only 3 days away from being induced its hit me that she isnt coming on her own. I was really hoping I could experience going into labor on my own since I have had to be induced with all my kids. Now I know I could wait it out and try to go on my own since its not a medical reason Im being induced and Im still a week away from my due date and I have considered it for a bit but really it only stayed in my mind for like 10 seconds. I have been having horrible contractions daily for almost 3 months now and waiting even 1 more day that I dont have to just makes me want to cry. Also lets be honest I CANT wait to meet this little girl!! This pregnancy has been one crazy roller coaster from day one and Im finally to the point that Im 100% excited for her and so happy to have her come to complete our family!! I love her so very much already and cant wait to stare at her little face for hours straight once she makes her appearance. I know it will be a challenge adding another kid to our crazy lives but Im ready to face it. Im ready to start a new chapter in our lives that includes our little caboose to our family. Anyways as much as it makes me sad thinking I will never feel a baby inside me again. Never see them on an ultrasound. Never get to hear their heart beat from in me again and all those truly amazing miracles pregnancy brings there are so many parts I wont miss. I wont miss all the aches and pains pregnancy brings. I wont miss contractions. I wont miss all the moving when your so very tired and just want to sleep :-) I wont miss all the restrictions. I could go on and on. So with all that said Ill just try really hard to enjoy the last couple days of her in my belly and the last few days of having only 3 kids to care for out of my body :-)

I took these pictures a couple days ago when Kamrin and I went on our last date before she comes. I got all ready for him and everything :-) We went bowling and I am so excited to say I beat him both games!! In the 10 years we have known him I have never won him in bowling! In fact not only does he always win me but he pretty much crushes me!! The first game I beat him by almost 20 points and the second I won by only 1 point but hey I still won LOL. Baby girl was not sure what to think of bowling. My stomach was rock hard the entire time! After bowling we went to McGraths Fish House!! I have had a crazy craving for shrimp lately which for me is really weird cause when I was pregnant with Jay I got myself sick off shrimp and have never gotten over it. Shrimp was my FAVORITE until then and it has been ruined for me for 6 years now so to not only have a craving for it but especially while being pregnant was huge! I loved every second at McGraths. The food was amazing and Kamrin and I got to enjoy our meal in peace and enjoy just being together. 

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brigette said...

Bittersweet I'm sure!! Shell be here soon!