Our Family

Our Family

Friday, January 3, 2014

Kamdyn is 3!!

I cant believe my little Kamdyn is 3!! He is quite the character these days!!! He makes us laugh hundreds of times a day. He is also a fiesty little booger. He is very stubborn and there is no changing his mind on how he wants things. He is finally fully potty trained. I was sure I was going to be be sending him to Kindergarten in diapers. He would REFUSE to even sit on the potty. He literally went from one day refusing to even sit on the potty to the next fully potty trained. I guess what they say is true that they will do it on their own time and there is no forcing them.

On his birthday I took him to pick out his cake and a toy, rode a ride at the store and when daddy got home from work had a little party for him and opened all his presents. I was shocked by he picked an "army" bday theme. We found an awesome camo cake!!

Dear Kamdyn,
 You and I have such a special bond. You are a big mommas boy. You want me all the time. I love it! It does make things hard sometimes but I know I better soak it all up cause sooner or later you will want nothing to do with your mommy. Your imagination is quite hilarious. Some of the stories you come up with are pretty wild. You are all boy. Anything a typical boy likes you LOVE! I just love you and love watching you grow and learn every single day. I love you buddy! Happy 3rd Birthday!!!!

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