Our Family

Our Family

Friday, January 3, 2014

Madyson is 6!!!

My little lady Maddie is 6!! How is this even possible??? She is such a little firecracker. She is the little mommy to her brothers and sister. She loves to help me with laundry and dishes yet hates cleaning her room. She loves music and loves to dance.

On her birthday I took her to the dollar store to spend a gift card she got at her party the week before. She picked lots of makeup of course. We then went to Smiths so she could pick out her cake. While looking for cakes the girl at the bakery overheard it was her birthday and made a HUGE deal of it. She took us to the front of the store and got the manager who made Maddie a huge banana split and made me a chocolate sundae. She then got all the employees that werent helping customers and they all sang Happy Birthday to her. Even cooler was Santa was there handing out cake and hot cocoa and even he sang to her!!! No everyone can say Santa sang Happy Birthday to them. We then had a little party for her with cake, ice cream and presents. She loved every second of her day!!

You are growing into quite a young lady. You are a fiesty little girl thats for sure. You are such a big help to me. You love taking care of you baby sister especially. You love that she is growing up and can play with you now. Watching you 2 play dolls together makes me so happy. I love you so much and love watching you grow and learn so much in kindergarten. You are doing so good and getting great grades. I love you sis!! Happy 6th Birthday!!!

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