Our Family

Our Family

Sunday, July 25, 2010

Jaydans 4th Birthday Pictures

We got Jaydans birthday pictures done by the same girl who did Maddies 2 year ones and once again she did an AMAZING job! With Jaydan it was a bit different then with Maddie. He was not only all smiles the whole time but he was actually giggling the entire time! She does 1 hour sessions and we were able to do tons of different poses in 4 different outfits in 35 minutes because he was SO good! This little boy is such a happy and loving little guy. One smile from him and you cant help but be so incredibly happy and smile yourself.


Sparker said...

Oh my! He is so cute...oh, wait, I mean, handsome!

Wall family said...

Those are the cutest pictures!! I especially love the black and white with the grumpy face....it's great!