Our Family

Our Family

Sunday, July 11, 2010

Princess Bed

We wanted to get Maddie a fun bed instead of just a wood one because Jaydans bed is a race car and he thinks its the coolest thing ever. We had started searching for a princess bed for our little princess and had found a few we liked but it never worked out. Kamrins mom had found one and got it for her. We went to pick it up and I LOVED it! It fit Maddie perfect and I knew she would love it. I took pictures of her first time seeing it. The night we picked it up she was sleeping at Kamrins parents house so it was a complete surprise to her the next night went she went to bed. She LOVES her princess bed!! Thanks Hamma!!

When she first got glance of it

She was SO excited to get in it!

I LOVE my princess bed!!

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brigette said...

cute bed! Nice present from grandma!!