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Our Family

Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Happy 3rd Birthday Madyson!!

I cant believe my little Maddie is now 3! My kids birthdays are very bitter sweet for me. I love watching them grow and learn new things everyday but at the same time I wish I could keep them little forever. Maddie has been so excited for her birthday the last couple weeks. She slept in a little and when she came in the living room I made the mistake of saying "Happy Birthday Princess" in a loud and excited voice and that set her off. She started bawling and ran to me and hid her head in my lap. Oops my bad :-) For one she is like her mommy and is NOT a morning person at all. She takes a while to fully wake up and until then watch out cause she is MOODY! Second she gets nervous and embarrassed when all the attention is on her so with me making a big deal right when she woke up was not a good idea at all! After a minute of bawling and cuddling she was ready to open her presents. She was so excited cause everything was wrapped in Hannah Montana paper! After she opened all her presents including her helmet set we asked her why he needed a helmet and she looked so confused. She then said "When you ride a bike" So we then asked her if she had a big girl bike and she told us no so we went on a little search to see if we could find a bike and when we walked in the scrapbook room her face lit up cause there waiting for her was a princess bike!! I loved watching her reactions to everything! We then got ready and took the baby to my sister in law so we could go play for her birthday. She is a funny girl and asked if we could go to the dollar store so we went and walked around there and her and Jaydan got to pick out some prizes. Then it was lunch time so she chose to go to McDonalds and eat and play in the play place. We ended up staying there a couple hours cause they were having so much fun! When we were there I realized I hadnt baked her cake and other dessert and we were having people over in a few hours so off to Walmart we went and luck was on our side cause there waiting for u was a Hannah Montana cake!! The miracle in that is she isnt as popular anymore. There are many other teen shows like that, that are much more popular so many places dont even carry her stuff anymore so for a cake to already be made of her was SO lucky! Maddie saw it and her face lit up! I had told her she would be able to pick a cake herself and when she asked if they would have Hannah I told her probably not so when she saw it she said "You were so wrong mommy there is my Hannah" :-) After our lucky trip to get the cake we went to pick up the baby and headed home. My sister was here waiting for the birthday girl. She opened her present from her and spent the next couple hours playing with her new toys. For dinner I went and got her Burger King because she wanted the Zhu Zhu Pets toy that came in the kids meal. At 7 her little party started. My mom and 2 sisters came from my family. Kamrins mom, grandma, 2 sisters, 1 brother in law and 2 youngest brothers all made it to eat some Hannah cake. When everyone left and she had opened all her presents my living room looked like Toys R Us blew up in it! By then both kids were drained and went to bed after their baths. I think she really enjoyed her birthday! Thank you to all who made it special for her!

At 3 Maddie is quite the little diva! She is the only young girl in our families and it shows! She is such a girly girl and little princess! She has such a fiery personality! She can be the sweetest little girl especially with her baby brother but catch her in a bad mood and you better watch out!! She loves The Little Mermaid still and is now obsessed with Hannah Montana. She LOVES music! She loves singing and dancing. She loves anything girly like playing dolls, dress up and anything like that. She also loves coloring and puzzles. She truly loves her family. She adores her baby brother and always has to know where he is and is always giving him hugs and kisses. Even though they might fight like siblings do she really does love her Jay Jay. I love watching them together (when they arent fighting) Madyson and her daddy have such a special bond. She has him wrapped around her little finger for sure! She is for sure a daddys girl!! Even with that fiery attitude I sure do love that little girl!! She is our families true princess! Happy 3rd Birthday my gorgeous little Maddie!! I love you so much!!

Hannah microphone from Jaydan and Kamdyn

Hannah purse!

Hannah slippers that are 3 sizes too big. Hey I guess 3 year olds arent supposed to be obsessed with Hannah :-)

Princess barbies including Rupunzel!

Her 1st big girl bike!

Im 3!!

Eating her bday lunch

Playing in the tree

Climbing in the tree

At the very top

Tired kids! Notice the fry in Jays mouth?? He fell asleep eating LOL!

Her Hannah cake!!

Blowing out 3 candles!

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brigette said...

Happy birthday Maddie looks like she had a great day!