Our Family

Our Family

Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Its My Party And Ill Cry If I Want To!

The day after we spent the night at the hospital and found out Maddie had HSP we had a birthday party for her for my moms side of the family. We were thinking of cancelling it but she had been acting fine all morning so we decided to just go ahead with it. We got there about 530pm to get everything ready for it to start at 6. Maddie had fallen asleep on the way there so when we got there we had to wake her up. She doesnt do well at all being woke up so she was pretty grumpy. As people started getting there she was getting worse and worse to the point she was crying non stop. She wanted me which isnt normal. She is a huge daddys girl so whenever he is there she wants him. I held her and noticed she was hot. Kamrin went to the store to get her some Tylenol for her fever and of course she refused to take it. She wouldnt eat, drink and didnt want to anything to do with her party. As time went on we finally convinced her to open her presents. Well Kim opened her presents while Maddie watched. She got some really fun things!! Then it was time for dessert. Surprisingly she did blow out her own candles. She was so so miserable all night :-( That night was horrible and we pretty much pulled an all nighter she was so sick. I felt so bad for her. If I knew she would all the sudden get so sick that evening I would have rescheduled her party so she could have enjoyed it.

Before her party when she was acting fine. Isnt she SO beautiful!!

Hannah candy cupcakes

Her Hannah cupcakes

Kim opening Maddies presents for her

Got a smile out of her!

Another one!

Her getting more into opening presents

Blowing out her candles on her Hannah cake

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