Our Family

Our Family

Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Kamdyns "Newborn" Pictures

Getting my kids pictures done professionally is very important to me! For the 1st year I get them done every 3 months since they grow and change so much their 1st year. Since Jaydan was in the NICU the first week of his life we never got hospital pictures of him so we went and got them professionally done when he got out of the hospital. Since then we decided so each kid had the same we would never do hospital pictures and just go get them done ourselves which I like better anyways. Kamdyns "newborn" pictures were actually done when he was a month and a half. Oops! In my defense life got hectic trying to get used to a newborn again, having 3 kids, Thanksgiving, Maddies bday and preparing for Christmas. Bad time of the year to have a baby by the way!! Anyways I think his "newborn" pics turned out way cute even though he was VERY fussy! She was able to get some that he wasnt screaming in thankfully!

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brigette said...

She does a great job these turned out cute!