Our Family

Our Family

Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Night At The ER

On New Years day I went with my mom shopping for Maddies bday party with her side of the family. I have learned its impossible taking all 3 kids grocery shopping because well where would I put all the groceries?? If I let the older 2 walk well that would be a hazard and I would end up with twice as much in my cart as I planned on :-) Anyways, I took all 3 to my sister in law Kandace. When I was done I called her to let her know I was dropping the freezer and fridge stuff off at my house then would come pick them up. She said Jay and Maddie wanted to sleep over there so to pack them stuff when I was home and to just come get the baby. My mom and I decided since we only had the baby we would go to dinner. I went and dropped off their sleep over stuff and got the baby. Before dinner we had to go to my grandmas to drop off some fridge stuff my mom had bought. She came out of her house and said Kandace had just called her and said we better go back to look at Maddies legs and she thought she needed to go to a doctor. She was changing into her pjs and went and told Kandace to look at her legs and there was a horrible rash on them. My first thought was it was probably eczema because like her big brother she has started getting it. So I headed there to just make sure before going to dinner. I go in and pull up her pant legs and WOW it was not what I was expecting at all. It was purple and not like anything I had ever seen before. It was covering most of her upper legs so I grab her coat and sleep over stuff and we take her to urgent care. When we got there she had to go to the bathroom so I take her in and she pulls down her pants and it had spread so much just in that little time. It was now on her upper and lower legs and covering her little bum. They call us back and the doctor comes in and goes to take a look and says "OH MY GOSH!" Just what an already worried mom wants to hear especially from a doctor!! He then tells me to get her to Primary Childrens hospital right away. I drop my mom and Kamdyn off at my house and picked up Kamrin to go up to Primarys with us. By the time we got to the ER it had spread more! Now there was some on her hands and elbows. The nurse and doctor came in and took a look at her. They said they thought it was something called HSP but wanted the supervising doctor to come take a look at her. When he came in he also agreed it was this HSP and wanted to take some blood for some tests and needed an urine sample also. They gave us a cup to try and get her to pee in. Have you ever tried to help a 3 year old pee in a cup?? It was interesting and took ALOT of tries :-) After all the tests came back they came in to explain HSP to us. HSP is the short and easy way to say Henoch-Scholnlein Purpura. See why the just call it HSP?? :-) HSP occurs after the body has found off another virus or infection in the body. The cells that fight the illness off goes into your kidneys and out your urine and thats how you heal from it. Well with HSP those cells that are carrying the now dead virus or infection get stuck in the blood vessel walls which cause them to burst. Symptoms of HSP are that horrible rash, severe abdominal pain, joint pain and can also affect the kidneys. This disease can last up to 8 weeks! They had found there was already blood in her urine. Other then that she seemed to not have any other the other symptoms yet besides the rash. All they can do for this disease is give them steroids if they get the abdominal pain or joint pain. They told us to call her doc on Monday and sent her home with this purple blanket and lots of activities they gave her to keep her entertained. That night was a rough night for this worried mom. I didnt get much sleep wondering if we would be one of the lucky ones who this only happens once and never have to deal with it again or if she will have flair ups every so often the rest of her life when she gets sick and also if she would be one of the ones that get chronic kidney disease from it. Only time will tell.

Cuddling with daddy and her new blanket

Watching the action in the hallway

Poor girl calls them her spikies

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