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Our Family

Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Kamdyn At 9 Months Old

Only 3 months away from being a whole year old!! How did that happen?? He was just born I swear!! My "little" Kamdyn is getting way to big and grown up way too fast! We had his 9 month pics taken last Friday and even though I dont have the cd yet Hollie posted a sneak peek of them on Facebook for me and they are ADORABLE!!!! Cant wait to see the rest! Today I took him for his 9 month check up and he is healthy and growing great. He is now 23 pounds 4.8 ounces which puts him at 86.84% for his weight. He is 28.4 inches tall which puts him at 55.08%. His noggin is 45.7 cm which puts him at 62.24% So in other words he is still chunky and I love every single roll on him :-) Kamdyn is such a sweet baby! I love his happy and loving personality! He is such a happy and smiley baby (most of the time) He is army crawling and the last few days he has been so close to real crawling. He gets up on his knees and rocks for a while then flops back on his belly. The last few days he has started pulling himself up on things also. He says mama, doo doo (LOL), ba ba and has slipped in the occasional dada. His new favorite things are waving and blowing kisses which is so cute! One thing he has been learning recently is sleeping through the night. He has been very spoiled and I have been wrapped around his finger so I kept putting it off but I figured 9 months was way passed time. He has been doing really good with it! Kamdyn LOVES his brother ans sissy and they both just ADORE him!! I love seeing them all together! The last 9 months have been so amazing with our Kamdyn and cant wait to see his personality keep popping through! Here is a sneak peek of his 9 month pics!

Arent those the most gorgeous eyes you have ever seen!!!

Our little cowboy

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