Our Family

Our Family

Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Kamdyns 1 Haircut

This post is REALLY weird for me because I am not used to a baby having any hair at all til they are over a year and what hair they do have is so blonde you cant even see it but Kamdyn is a different story. He had lots of hair when he was born and I figured it would go away but it didnt! The myth of heart burn during pregnancy means your baby will have lots of hair must be true. I have never had heart burn a day in my life. Not even when I was pregnant with Maddie and Jay but I did get it with Kamdyn and imagine that he had hair :-) He even was growing a tail so it was time to get him a haircut! My sister in law did it for us. He was not a fan of clippers! It was pretty funny. He looks so cute and grown up with his new do!

Before getting started

His tail :-)

See not a fan at all :-)

Babys 1st haircut

No more tail!!

After cut! Still as cute as can be!!

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brigette said...

He looks super cute and grown up!!