Our Family

Our Family

Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Nephew Fun

My nephews wanted to come to my house and sleep over after our party on the 24th but we had our car so didnt have room to take them so I told them I would go pick them up the next morning and they could go swimming with us. We went to the pool at the rec center down the street from us. Its so much fun there and the kids just love it. The pool is perfect for our family. The one side is like a beach with shallow water and the deepest part only goes to 3 feet so Jay and Maddie can walk the entire thing without us having to worry about holding them and I can sit in the shallow part with the baby so he can splash. It also has a fun splash pad for the kids. After swimming for a few hours we went and got slurpees and then came back to our house to ride bikes and let the kids ride their Escalade. The kids had so much fun!! We then took the boys home and had another BBQ there. It was such a great day with my family and nephews!!!

Kamdyns first ride in the Escalade

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brigette said...

Fun!! Family time is great!!