Our Family

Our Family

Monday, August 29, 2011

Kamdyns 9 Month Pictures

Let me just brag for a minute about my little Kamdyn. He takes pictures SO good. In fact all my kids have been amazing from day 1 with taking pictures. Very rarely would they cry and the second the see the camera they grin from ear to ear. One thing I absolutely love about my kids are their eyes. I get people stopping me daily to tell me how gorgeous their eyes are. Kamdyns are extra gorgeous. Not only are they big and bright blue but they have a dark blue ring around them that makes them pop out even more. Even today at the doctor he was freaking out about how amazing Kamdyns eyes are. Anyways enough bragging but these are one of the many reason I love getting my kids pictures taken. Here are Kamdyns 9 month pics. Hard to believe his next ones will be his 1 year old ones!!!!!

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brigette said...

They turned out very cute!! Hes growing up quick!