Our Family

Our Family

Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Memorial Weekend

This weekend was one crazy, busy, fun and painful weekend! We had tons planned and lots of it turned out and lots of unexpected things happened also. Anyone who knows mw well or is close to me knows Im so MISERABLE with this pregnancy. My body is fighting her every second of everyday right now. Ill post about all that after my doc appt today. Anyways I wanted to have a super fun family day and also one last date with Kamrin before this little one comes and this weekend worked out perfect for both. Saturday we woke up and decided we would head up to Layton for the Hill Air Force Base air show. It was a bit brezzy and the weather said there would be light afternoon showers. We planned for it and we all wore long sleeves and jackets. We made it up there about 1030 and got right onto the bus to head to the show area. We walked around for a while and got some food here and there. We got to see some amazing things. Not only was the air show part awesome but all the planes and such they had open were so neat and the kids loved it. After being there about an hour and a half or so it started raining some. It was getting quite cold so I commented that we should leave soon if it stayed like that much longer and Kamrin agreed. We walked towards an enormous plane and all the sudden it was like a down pour. We got under the planes wing hoping it would pass soon but it just kept getting worse. There was only 2 hangers open and everyone was running for them for shelter. We got in one and stood there for about 10 min. One of the guys next to us looked at the weather on his phone and said it looked like the storm would stay around for another hour and a half!! So we could stand in a VERY crowded hanger where we could barely move with 3 young kids or we could make a run for it and try to get to our car as quick as possible that was at least a mile from where we were. We decided to run for it. Kamrin was holding Kamdyn because he had been in the stroller all morning and was not happy at all in there at that point. I pushed the older 2 in the stroller and we ran. Oh my what an adventure. The rain got worse. The wind got worse. It was like a tropical storm at this point. It was the type that it took your breath away when it hit your face. It took about 10 min to get from where we were to the buses that were taking people to their cars. You can just imagine the line there so we knew if we waited it would take over an hour to get to our van due to the crowd. Kamrin found us a tree to stand under that made it so we were just getting drizzled on instead of down poured on, handed me Kamdyn and ran as fast as he could to our van to come pick us up. So here I am with a 5 and 4 year old in a double stroller and holding an 18 month old while being huge pregnant under a tree and soaked as can be. Lets just say we all were in tears almost the whole time waiting for Kamrin to come with the car. It took about 20 min or so for him to run there and make it to us in the traffic but that 20 min felt like an hour in that crappy weather with kids crying and shaking. Seeing how miserable, wet and cold Kamdyn was, was what got me crying. It was awful. I tried so hard to snuggle him close and keep him as warm as I could but poor kid was shaking. So as he pulled up we got in the van and took off as much as the wet clothes we could. Luckily I carry an extra outfit for Kamdyn so I got him in that and the older 2 were protected for the most part in the stroller so they just took off their jackets, shoes and socks and Kamrin alreay had the heater going to warm us all up. Kamrin and I were SOAKED! It was quite the adventure! To treat ourselves after such a draining experience we stopped at Krisy Kremes and got YUMMY doughnuts. After getting home and getting in dry clothes I went to and picked out fabric for the babys car seat cover with my mom. The rest of the night was relaxing. Sunday we had a lazy morning. Kamrin made us yummy breakfast burritos. In the afternoon we took the kids to my sisters house for a sleep over. Kamrin and I went and walked around City Creek even though they are closed on Sundays just so we could check it out. We then went to Kamrins moms to visit until it was time to head to his brothers wrestling event. There was 2 former WWE wrestlers there which was pretty cool! After we watched Eastons match we took off to enjoy the rest of our evening kid free. I got dinner from Sconecutter and Kamrin got his from Rancharitos and we brought it home and watched The Vow together. Monday we got to sleep in which was nice and we then did some yard work together. We then went out to my sisters house in Saragtoga Springs for lunch and some of them went swimming. I was not feeling good at all so Kamrin and I came home and my sister kept the kids out there so we came home a took a 3 hour nap together. It felt so good!!! When she brought them home it was almost their bed time so after putting them to bed we just cuddled up and watched some tv. So we did have some crazy adventures. lots of relaxing and lots of time together. What more could a girl ask for :-)

                             Believe it or not this was the calm part of the storm

                                                Wearing Jaydans cowboy hat

Eastone getting ready for his match

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