Our Family

Our Family

Thursday, May 17, 2012

Mother Day

Mothers Day this year was GREAT!! We started celebrating on Sat with Kamrins family with a very YUMMY dinner at his parents house. The next morning I slept in about 2 hours more then I normally get to. When I walked out of my room I smelled bacon and sausage and was greeted by "Hurry get back in bed" Of course I wouldnt agrue with that :-) About 15 minutes later in came Kamrin with a tray of food followed by 3 smiling kids saying "Happy Mothers Day Mommy" Best way to start the morning for sure. They then went out to eat theirs and so I got to eat a YUMMY breakfast in my bed in peace and quiet. After I went out and joined them and we just had a lazy morning together. We then got ready and went to Kamrins parents ward to hear them speak. They both did a very good job on their talks. We then headed home and all 5 of us took a family nap together which is a very rare occasion so I was so thankful for that. Not only did we master getting all 3 kids to sleep but we all slept for over 3 hours!! It was so nice! We woke up just in time to head to my grandmas for dinner. All the kids got to play and all the adults visited. It was really such an amazing and relaxing day which I rarely get these days so it was much needed.

To the 4 amazing kids that make me a mommy I love you all so very much! I havent met the little one yet but my love for her is the same as her siblings already! I am so blessed to have these amazing kids as my own!!!
I am also so blessed to have such an amazing mom myself. I cant put into words what an amazing woman she is!

Happy Mothers Day to all you mothers out there!!!

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