Our Family

Our Family

Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Mixed Feelings

Im very excited to meet this little girl but there are so many mixed emotions that come with that. Part of me wants to hold her in there forever. Not only because this is my last pregnancy so I want it to last but the thought of having 4 kids seem so much more overwhelming then 3. I know its an adjustment just like every other kid I have had and I know it will come natural just like the others but Im still very very nervous to have her here. The other part of me cant wait to get her out because Im so MISERABLE! My body hurts so bad and I dont get much sleep yet Im so tired all the time. My doctor said he doesnt think she will make it to June. Ill believe it when I see it. All my kids play this game and threaten to come for months before they should and when it comes time that its okay they come they hang on tight and end up having to be forced out. I think she will be no different. As of today the very longest I will be pregnant is 3 weeks and 3 days!! That seems so unreal! I look at all her stuff and it makes me so excited to have another girl to dress up and accessorize. She is going to be one of the best dressed babies out there :-) If only this great dressed baby had a name yet. This has been a very frustrating process for sure. I feel like Ill never find the "perfect" name for her. Not only did is her first name up in the air but I second guessing her middle name now too. The one think I know is I really want Lyn in the somewhere after my mom but not sure I want her names after me too. Kamrin just laughs at me cause I get so frustrated about it and let it get to me a little more then it should lol. I still have a little time but I really want a name set like 5 months ago!! :-) My older 2 are so so so excited for her to come! They ask me daily how much longer. They love hugging and kissing my belly and talking to her. Im not sure how Kamdyn will do. He loves babies but not sure how much he will love one that take up so much of mommys attention and never leaves. He has become such a mommys boy lately. More then normal. I think he can sense a huge change is headed our way. Its sad for me to face the fact I will never feel my baby move inside of me once she does make her grand appearance but at the same time Im very excited to enter a new chapter in our lives with our family being complete!

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brigette said...

So exciting to be adding to your family. Im sure youll catch on quick