Our Family

Our Family

Monday, September 17, 2012

3 Month Letter

Dear Brynlee,
Oh baby girl this month has been SO much better!! Things with you have been improving by the day! You are such a different baby this last month. You cry 1/3 or less the time then you did and most of the time its just normal baby cry instead of the screaming til you turn purple kind of cry. You are CHUBBY!! I love every single roll :-) You are an AWESOME sleeper now. I put you to bed around 830pm and you sleep until 5-6 and even then all I have to do is let you know Im there and once you feel me you go instantly back to sleep until7-8!! During the day you still sleep majority of the time still also. You are only awake here and there for short amounts of time and you are ready for a nap again. You HATE HATE HATE the car!! Every time the car stops at all you cry. You even cry when we are moving alot of the time. You freak out the whole time and once I open the door and you see me knowing the car ride is over you calm right down. Your giant belly button is not so giant anymore. Its amazing how much it has gone down in just a months time. Your little personality is shining through more and more each day. You smile ALOT. You coo ALOT. You try so hard to tell us all kinds of stories constantly. You have tried a couple times to giggle but it hasnt quite worked out yet. You are a HUGE mommys girl. There are times you are crying like crazy when others are holding you and they try everything to calm you down and the second mommy takes you, you stop crying instantly. Daddy is jealous.  He always tells you he is going to win you over someday :-) He can gets huge smiles out of you and you love just staring at him but when it comes to calming you down mommy is the only person you want. I love it! Your brothers and sister still adore you to pieces. Kamdyn gives you so much attention and loves these days. He calls you baby girl. Its the cutest thing ever to hear him talk to you. We all love you so much and you are the perfect caboose for our family. I cant wait to see how you grow this next month.I love you baby girl!
Love, Mommy 
You love napping tight next to me

You tried the bumbo for the first time this month

You LOVE your hands

Haing a stare down with your bug friend :-)

Look how much your belly button has gone down!

3 months old today!!!

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