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Our Family

Sunday, September 23, 2012


I have wanted to post about this for a while so I can remember it and have it documented but kept forgetting. It got brought up again last week so finally here it is. I know everyone has different beliefs as far as mediums go. I for one am a believer to an extent. I do believe babies and kids can see and feel things that we cant and also even some adults can communicate and feel things from the other side. I have seen many times different babies react to pictures of Jesus. I have seen some in their dying days talk to spirits of people who passed many years ago and I have also felt a strong presence of spirits when I gave birth to all my babies and also when I was there when 2 loved ones passed away. With that said I have had a few experiences with my kids that really gave me goosebumps. Rewind to Jan 2007 and Kamrin and I were married a month and a half and Jaydan was 7 months old. I got really sick and was in more pain then I had ever been in and thats saying alot since I had just had a baby 7 months earlier. After going to the doc and being sent to the hospital I was told I would be going into surgery to remove my appendix. The first thing they always ask women is if there was a chance you could be pregnant. I said no and they said they were going to do a test just in case. Just as I thought the test came back negative. A week and a half later I discovered I was late so I took a test and surprise it was positive. Only a couple days later I lost that baby. Only a month or 2 later I became pregnant with Madyson. The last 2-3 years Maddie has been OBSESSED with my scars from my surgery. She would always ask to see them and she would just feel them all the time. One day she asked to see them and started rubbing them and as innocent as could be she said thats from when I was in your belly and died. I explained to her that I wasnt pregnant with her yet when I had my surgery and she said "Yes you were mom and then I died because of the surgery and then I got to come back in your belly later" WOW I got crazy chills!! We have never told the kids I was pregnant when I had the surgery or that I had lost a baby a couple weeks after so for her to know that and say that it was her and she came back later was WOW!! She still to this day is obsessed with my scars and will just stare at them. We have also had experiences of my kids saying they have seen spirits in our basement. Its so crazy how thin the veil can be sometimes!!

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Sparker said...

I still think this is the craziest story! And, probably really comforting to those who have had misscarriages.