Our Family

Our Family

Tuesday, September 25, 2012

The Fantastic Four

The other night I was laying in bed and of course thats when my mind starts racing 90mph. All the sudden it hit me that I had ZERO pictures of all 4 of my kids together and Brynlee is over 3 months old!! Can you say SLACKER?!? So yesterday I got really braved and put them all in some green clothes and and the fun begun. First Maddie wouldnt get in the pics cause I let Jay hold the baby first so I took some of just the boys and Brynlee. So then she got in and then Kamdyn only lasted for a whole 2 seconds. I took some of them by themselves and Kamdyn was crying the whole time. Taking pictures of 4 kids 6 years and younger is IMPOSSIBLE! Sigh

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brigette said...

These are so cute!