Our Family

Our Family

Friday, October 5, 2012

Manic Monday

Last week I was sick and felt so yucky. Thursday my mom took the day off and came out to help me so I could rest. Friday I was still feeling yucky so my sister in law offered to watch my kids so I could rest. She has a 9 month old and also watches our niece who is 6 months old. For that reason I asked if she was sure she was up for the task of adding my 4 to the mix. I appreciated it so much and got great rest and a hot shower. I noticed on facebook that Monday was her anniversary so I messaged her offering to watch her little one and our niece she watches for the day so her and her husband could celebrate and spend the day just the 2 of them. It was the least I could do after what she had done for me. So Monday went as followed...
Dropped Jay off at school
Dropped Maddie off at school
Picked up London
Came home and played, changed diapers, feedings and naps
Erilyn came to join the fun
Pick up Maddie from school
Came home for more playing, feedings, diaper changes, naps and pictures
Dropped London off to her mommys work
Pick up Jay from school
Came home for even more playing, feedings, naps and diaper changes
Kamrin comes home and Erilyn hangs on me like a little monkey :-)
Travis and Pashell come to pick up Erilyn and visit
Drop Maddie and Jay off at a birthday party
Come home to visit more
Pashell and Travis head home
Put Kamdyn and Brynlee to bed
Go pick up Jay and Maddie from party
Put them to bed
Kamrin and I FINALLY get a chance to eat dinner!!
Wow just writing that makes me exhausted :-)
London-6 Months Old

Erilyn-9 Months Old

Brynlee is half the length of these 2!!

Baby train in my van!!

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