Our Family

Our Family

Friday, October 19, 2012

4 Month Letter

Dear Brynlee,
Oh how I love you my chunky monkey!! You get chubbier by the day and I LOVE it!! Your rolls have rolls now :-) This last month has been great. You still sleep most of the time but the last few days you are spending more time awake and checking this world out during the day. You still sleep through the night which helps mommy so much! You smile so much!! You have let out a giggle a few times and its adorable!! You still hate tummy time! You love the bumbo! You are aware of your toys now and even try and grab them. We just started you on baby cereal. We learned that trying it for the very first time when you are hungry was not the best idea. You screamed!! Once we fed you a little and then tried the cereal again you loved it and have loved it ever since. Your little tongue goes crazy! You still hate the car so much! Hope that passes soon since we spend so much time in the car while the kids are in school. You are now completely in 3-6 month clothes. Your feet are still really small and still wear 0s and even some of those are too big. Mommy was desperate when you were a baby and the only place you would sleep for more then 10 minutes was in your swing so I allowed it. Well here we are 4 months later and at night you still sleep in the swing. I tried a couple days ago to put you in your bed. You started great. Around midnight you realized you werent moving and well the rest of the night was awful. So I decided to keep you in the swing at night and for now we are working on getting you to sleep in your bed at nap time and once have you mastered that Ill work on night again. We all adore you little Ms Brynlee!! You are the perfect little caboose to our family!! Even Kamdyn just loves you to pieces now. He is always so concerned when youre upset and always wants to give you things and hold you. I love you so much princess!!
Your 4 Month Stats-
14lbs 14oz- 62.83%
23.25 inches- 10.10%
Head 15.98"- 50.48%

She loves sucking her thumb!!

She still has to be swaddled

We had to give her baby prunes and she was not a huge fan :-)

I walked in to find him playing with his youngest princess :-)

Kamdyn thought she needed a friend

Belly button all better

Attempting her bed

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brigette said...

Time is going so quick!! Shes growing right up!!