Our Family

Our Family

Sunday, March 25, 2012

3D Baby

Kamrin and I went to do this babys 3D ultrasound on Friday evening. We have done one for every one of our kids. I love doing the 3D ones. Its so fun seeing them like that. After I had Jaydan I compared him to his 3D pictures and its so crazy how much they really do look like their ultrasound pictures. Every one of my kids ultrasound pictures look so much alike and well so do my kids when they come out :-) When we got there she only let us see her face clear for a couple minutes then the rest of the time she wouldnt take her hands away from her face. The tech had me try a few different things to try and get her to show us her face again but no luck. I actually loved her hands up there. It was so cute and we got some real awesome shots of her hands and fingers. We did get a few great shots of her face so thats all that I cared about so it was fun seeing her personality with her hands going crazy. She is so chubby already. Even the tech commented how chubby she is for 27 weeks. I love looking at her cute chubby face! Sadly their cd burner was in the middle of being fixed so we didnt get our cd yet but she did print off some good ones so I scanned them to show. Ill post the good clear ones once my cd comes in the mail this week.

Chubby cheeks!

Look how chubby!!

Mouth open

Long foot!

Looks just like her siblings

Even though this one makes her nose and mouth look deformed I love how her hands are up over her face

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