Our Family

Our Family

Thursday, March 22, 2012

Green Eggs And Ham

Our St Patricks Day was pretty low key this year. I was EXHAUSTED which brings on a headache for me so While Kamrin was at the shop with our van getting new shocks, struts and a couple other things replaced the kids and I made a big blanket bed in the living room and cuddled up and watched movies until my sister came over. She was sweet enough to let me take a nap. Kamrin suggested we make green eggs and ham for dinner and read the kids the book afterwards. We found a video on You Tube of the book so we let the kids watch it and they loved it! Maddie LOVED the green eggs. After eating her first serving she filled her plate full of just eggs and ate 9/10th of it! After eating all of that she asked if we could have them the next night too :-) Even though thats really the only thing we did focused on the holiday it was actually a good day. I already know what fun food I want to do for next year. I found it on a blog and HAVE to do it! Check out the picture of it below the pic of my green eggs and ham one. They are awesome!

Looks gross but tasted like....eggs :-)

Arent these rainbow pancakes AWESOME?!?!? This is our next years meal for sure!!

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