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Our Family

Thursday, March 15, 2012

Name Trouble

Anyone who knows me knows I have no problem naming my kids. I usually have names picked out before we even know the gender. This baby has been VERY different. I was down to 2 names for a boy and thought I had the girl name but it wasnt working out for certain reasons. Kamrin doesnt put too much input. He never suggests names and just says yes or no on names I suggest. He says I have done a good job with all the other names so lets me do my girl thing and come up with them and gives his input when I tell him about them. We had both agreed on Makynlie Ashlyn and the last week or so it has not felt right for some reason. Every time I would think about it or say it. it just didnt feel like the name she was meant to be. I have never had that feeling with any of my other kids before. Once we set on a name it fit perfect and even after they were born and we saw them their names just fit their little faces perfect. We have had a struggle getting Maddie to call her Makynlie. Whenever she was asked what her baby sisters name would be she would tell everyone it was going to be Makynzie. We would have to correct her every time and even when we would correct her she would not back down and keep calling her Makynzie not Makynlie. Makynzie is the name I originally wanted but some things made us decide against it. Anyways I talked to Kamrin about my feelings and not being so sure about Makynlie anymore and he was very understanding and supportive about it. We have searched many baby name lists, asked people for suggestions and made a list of names we both like and she still doesnt have a name set for sure. I just cant bring myself to set on one yet. It so not like me and its driving me crazy! Good thing we have 3 months to think about it long and hard.

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Summer said...

I am like you Ashley! Always had a name before I even knew the gender of my babes. Just go with your gut. Like you said you have 3 months. :-) Good luck, can't wait to see what you name her!