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Our Family

Saturday, March 3, 2012

Total Randomness

We havent had many big events around here lately to blog about so I decided to do a randomness post about all the small stuff that has been keeping us busy. Our winter has been pretty crazy this year. Warmer then normal and alot less snow then normal. Im not complaining though. Im not a fan of snow unless I get to stay in my warm house and just watch it and still even then I only like it once in a while. There have been a few decent sized storms recently so the kids have enjoyed going out and playing in it. Even Kamdyn got his first experience playing out in it and he LOVED it. He was so mad when we brought him back in.

Other then that we have just been busy doing alot of deep cleaning and getting rid of ALOT of stuff lately. Going through all the baby boy stuff we had and getting it ready to get rid of was alot harder then I thought. I am very okay with the fact that this is our last and I have no desire to have anymore kids but it still is hard to think I would never have a baby boy again. Looking through all these adorable things that have so many memories and knowing it was time to let it all go. Most of it is gone now and its SO nice having it all out of our way! The kids have been really good to let me go through everything and do lots of cleaning. I feel like Im nesting like crazy. No matter how much I clean and get rid of stuff it just doesnt feel like enough so I just want to keep going even though my body tries to tell me to slow down.

We are just about ready for this baby. Just need her car seat, a pump, sit n stand double stroller and the normal small things like diapers and such. The pregnancy has been going pretty good. Just the normal uncomfortable pains from her kicking ribs and back pains. She has been very active which is always comforting. The last week or so I noticed in the middle of the night I would wake up to my hands very swollen and my arms and hands throbbing. Tylenol wouldnt even take the edge off. It was just getting worse and worse. My hands would get so swollen that not only would my ring not even budge but it was black and blue all around it. I went to the doc yesterday and he said he wanted to test me for preeclamsia, gestational diabetes, infections and check my levels in my organs. I can handle any of them but preeclamsia cause I dont want a very premature 2 pound baby. Luckily he called last night and ruled that one out. I have to wait for the rest of the results til next week. I really hope its not diabetes cause I cant imagine very little sugar for the next 3 months!

Jaydan is still loving school and he is going very good in it. That kid is just too smart for his own good! He was having some problems with going to school and I had noticed a few times that this specific kid was being too rough with Jay. The one time he tackled him making Jay fall flat on his back and hit his head. He then had a headache for a couple days. He then came home with a band aid on his hand and when I was talking about it with him he told me it was that same boy who was trying to wrestle with Jay and Jay didnt want to so the boy scratched him. I had decided the next time we had any problems with him I was going to go talk to his teacher about it. Well one morning I was at the top of the stairs as Jay went to line up with his class. This kid saw Jay and instantly went to the back of the line behind him and put his hands around Jay holding him and saying "I have a hostage" over and over. I of course walked down the stairs and told him to let go of Jay and he did but then just did it again so I again had to tell him to let go. By then the teacher was leading the class inside. It was really hard for me to not to blow up at that moment. I know kids will be kids but my heck its so frustrating seeing your kid get hurt and stress whenever he sees a specific kid come by him. I called Kamrin to vent a bit and we both thought it was time to pull his teacher aside and talk to her. My main concern was not only that Jaydan was starting to be affected mentally and emotionally about it but I was really worried he was really going to get hurt. This kid is a head taller then Jaydan and had already hurt him. So that day when Jay came out I asked his teacher if I could talk to her. I told her all my concerns and told her all that I had witnessed myself. She told me she was going to write him up and go straight to the principal with it. She explained to me that she has many problems with him and that very day he had been sent to the principal 3 times. I then walked to my van and was talking to a mom that I talk with pretty much daily when we noticed a little girl was running around with Jay and the boy that he always runs around with. We asked our boys to ask her where her mom or dad was. They ran to her and she said she was going to walk home. I didnt feel comfortable with that so I took her to the office to make sure she was okay to walk home by herself. Sure enough she wasnt so Im glad I took her in. Anyways when I took her in Jays teacher was right there and said the principal was trying to call me right then so she led me in her office. The principal was very sweet about the whole situation and assured me they would make sure Jay was safe and secure. She said she had actually suspended him that very day and they were working on getting him in a different program or school. She told me how sorry she was that Jay had to deal with it. Both his teacher and principal acted so quickly and it made me feel so much better! He just returned to school from his suspension and Jay has told me he has left him alone so fingers crossed it stays that way!

Maddie is a funny girl. She wants so badly to be big like Jaydan and go to school with him. She is such a talker. I swear she never stops. In fact the other day I asked her if her mouth ever hurt (I was referring to because she talks non stop) and she said "Actually yes it does right here" and then went on and on about why it hurt :-) Kamrin and I were laughing so hard. She proved my point! She is such a good big sister with Kamdyn. She loves to help him with things and to cuddle him. She has always been a good "mommy" to him and she is so excited to be a little "mommy" to her baby sister. She is obsessed with my belly and all the babys clothes and such. She cant wait to have a little girl to dress up :-)

Kamdyn is getting so very big. Its so bitter sweet. I love seeing him grow daily but at the same time its so sad. He is pretty much a walker. He walks daily but still crawls most of the time due to laziness :-) He is such a monkey! He climbs on EVERYTHING! I have to watch him like a hawk so he doesnt hurt himself. He loves picking on his big brother and sister. Nothing makes him smile bigger then give them a big smack or pulling Maddies hair. That is until mommy gets involved then his smile turns to tears. Its pretty funny how "naughty" he can be at such a young age and even funnier how much he laughs when he knows its naughty. He keeps us laughing non stop. Even Maddie and Jay bust out laughing at him constantly. He is so independent and when you try and help him he gets VERY mad. This will come in very handy when this baby comes. Im sure he will all the sudden think he needs mommy for everything once he sees me doing so much for her but we will manage.

24 weeks

My handsome little monkey

First snow experience

Sledding down the hill

Coloring all together :-) Got to love how Kamdyn is trying to climb on the table

Choo choo!

Boys being boys

Maddie fell asleep on my belly when she was "cuddling" her baby sister.

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Looks like your keeping busy with fun stuff even through the cold winter!