Our Family

Our Family

Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Bees Game And 24th Of July

Thursday night we went to the Bees game thanks to my brother Brandon. Us 4 went and we took Tyson with us also. We got there late and right when we got there we went to the section Kamrins sister was working and she gave us free YUMMY food! BBQ brisket, chicken, fruits, chips and YUMMY brownies!!! Then we headed into the game. Maddie didnt last too long til Kamrin had to take her to walk around. My kids werent made to just sit in a chair for hours!! We found out when we got there they were doing fireworks that night. I was so excited for the kids to see them. Both the kids LOVED the firework show. It was soooooo much fun!

I dont have pics of the 24th but it was a nice family day. Kamrin didnt have to work so we went up to his grandmas for lunch and to play games with his family. Then we came home and decided to have a nice and quiet night with just us 4 rather then go out to see fireworks cause we were out late the night before at the Bees game and had to wake up early the next morning. I loved having a quiet night home with my family.

Tyson joined us

Maddie at the game

Jaydan with daddy

These fireworks were awesome!

They had alot of purple ones!!!

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