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Our Family

Saturday, July 18, 2009

First Broken Bone

Im not sure what is up with our luck lately when it comes to our kids health but just when I feel like I cant take much more and BAM something else creeps up on us. Thursday night I was alone with the kids because Kamrin was in a meeting down the street from our house and I was in the living room waiting for Maddie to get out of time out when I heard a loud crash and Jaydan started screaming like I never heard him scream before. I go running in and he is on the floor by the tv just laying there holding is neck so I pick him up and take him to the couch and try to get him to talk to me. He just kept crying and yelling "It hurts mommy" over and over. I asked him where it hurt and he said his neck so I had him move his fingers which he could then his wrist which he could and even his elbow he could but when I told him to hold him arm out he wouldnt even try. I tried to point to different spots on his arm to see where exactly it hurt and he wouldnt even let me even a foot by it without squealing. At that point I knew something was broken. I just felt it in my gut. I called Kamrin because he had the van keys in his pocket but no answer so I text him that he needed to call asap. His grandma was over with him and brought me the keys and took Maddie over with her. I took him to Kidscare so I wouldnt have to wait 5 hours in the ER. They took us right back and the nurse went to move his shirt to see if there was any bruising or marks and she hadnt even made it to his shirt and he went CRAZY!!! Screaming and yelling "NO!!!" She put us behind a curtain and the doc came right in. She was talking to Jaydan and trying to get him to tell her exactly what happened and what hurt. He wouldnt really say what he did cause I think he was scared of getting in trouble. After touching his arm a bit and talking to him she said she thought he had injured his collar bone and needed an xray to make sure. We went to xray and he was upset about it at first until the tech said she would get him a popsicle and that fixed that! After the xray we went back to our room and the doc came in and sure enough he snapped his collar bone right in half. They put him in a sling for 4 weeks at least and went through what he can and cant do. Of course we are right in the middle of summer and he cant do anything that could cause him too re injure it. So no parks, trampolines and other fun summer activities :-( It is going to be a LONG MISERABLE 4 weeks!!!!! He has been pretty upset about this whole thing. He has cried ALOT over the last 2 days. Bed time is not fun at all. He puts up a huge fight and wakes up numerous times screaming. We go back this week to his regular doc to make sure all is healing good. Jaydan really isnt himself right now :-( He is so unhappy and in so much pain. He wont even go near his play room yet. He just wants to sit on the couch most of the time. I hope I get my happy boy back very soon! It has been a very sad 2 days for me. Breaks my heart seeing him in so much pain :-( As for what really happened I finally got him to tell me. He put this think plastic stool on top of the tv which is on the floor. Its only a 20 inch tv and the stool is less then a foot tall. He climbed on the tv and stepped on the stool which of course was not steady at all and down he went right on his shoulder. I dont think I have to worry about him climbing things anymore!!!!

Jays Xray

Jays new look for the next 4 weeks

He looks so sad and miserable :-(

I finally got him to be himself a little and stick his tongue out at me


Wall family said...

So sad for your little guy. And your right....the worst time of year :(

The Pendletons said...

Well at least he has a war story to tell now. :)

Ryan and Anna said...

Poor little guy. I hope he recovers well.

Amy O'Neill said...

Poor guy!! Hope it heals quickly and perfectly!