Our Family

Our Family

Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Dinosaur Park

For all of our birthdays Kamrins grandma takes us all out to dinner wherever the birthday person chooses. For mine and Jaydans I wanted to choose something other then dinner to make it more fun and special Jaydan so I asked his grandma if I could find a place to go other then to eat and she thought it was a good idea. I found this dinosaur park that i wanted to take him to up in Ogden so Saturday we finally was able to get everyone together and went up. My mom also came with us. It is such an awesome place and Jaydan had so much fun there. They have an outside and inside part to it. They have robot dino too that were way awesome. We walked around outside first before it got too hot, ate KFC in a nice hidden pinic area, went to the gift shop so my mom and Kamrins mom could get something for the kids, walked in the inside part and then headed home. It was such a great day. My kids loved every second of it. I hope to go back there soon!!

Jay checking everything out in his shades :-)

This place was awesome!
He loves his Grandpa Hammond

Trying to fill dino shoes

She was having a blast!!

Jay showing Grandma Nette the awesome dinos!

They always do this pic!!!

Jay looking for dino bones

What ya looking at?????

Didding for Bones

He loved feeding the ducks!!

She was so scared to feed them!

Jay hugging Maddie

He is so handsome, even as a cave man :-)

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Amy O'Neill said...

What a fun place to visit!! My boys would love that!