Our Family

Our Family

Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Perfect Birthday!

My birthday this year was one of the best birthdays I have ever had!! Kamrin took the whole day off work to be with me and he even turned his cell of first thing in the morning so work didnt have a chance to call him in. When we woke up Kamrin kept telling Jaydan it was my birthday and Jaydan wasnt believing him so when I got out of the shower he said "Mommy is it you birthday?" I smiled and said "Yeah, buddy it is." So he walked to the living room and walked back to me and said "Then where is all you stuff, wheres all you balloons on the floor?" LOL I about died laughing! Can you tell we try and make their birthdays a big deal :-) I tried to explain that mommys and daddys dont need things like that and thats more fun for kids then for us and his response was "Yeah my balloons were fun for me but not for you" Lol silly kid!! After we got ready we took the kids to Kamrins mom and Kamrin took me to Olive Garden for lunch YUM!! Lunch was great not only cause the food was amazing but Kamrin and I had a really good talk and it was just nice being alone together. After lunch he took me to a HILARIOUS movie. After the movie he took me on a shopping spree and spoiled me! Then it was time to spend some time with my babies so we got them and picked up Cafe Rio for dinner again YUM!!! We brought it home and my mom and sister Kim were here at my house waiting for us. I walked in and WOW spotless living room. I kept walking and WOW spotless kitchen and kept going and WOW WOW WOW spotless play room (That one deserves 3 wows!!) One more stop and WOW spotless bathroom!! What a great present to come home to a spotless house! When I spotless I mean Kim even scrubbed my bath tub!! We ate dinner and Kim gave my kids baths which was also awesome to get a break on yop of a clean house! At 7 all my siblings and their families came over to celebrate with me and we had cake and ice cream of course :-) Thank you to everyone who helped make my birthday so special and fun!!!

Jaydan is getting so good at this birthday video thing that after I had him make my brother Brandons video he said "Okay mommy time to make yours" I told him he didnt have to make one for mommy and he looked like he was going to cry so of course turned the camera back on. I usually tell him what to say but I told him to say whatever he wanted and here it is......

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Amy O'Neill said...

What a fun birthday... especially coming home to a clean house!! Love the video at the end... so cute!