Our Family

Our Family

Saturday, December 22, 2012

1st Annual Hammond/Nelson Christmas Party

My friend Angel and I decided we wanted to do a big Christmas party with our kids. Since they only had half day Thursday it worked out perfect to do it that day. We started when her oldest got home from school and it was jammed packed from then until we left at 830 that night and we only left then cause Kamdyn was SO tired!! We didnt even get to everything we had planned. Angel gave them little goody bags with little Christmas toys and let them each pick a Christmas beanie baby. We decorated cookies, made reindeer food, made personal pizzas, watched Christmas shows and exchanged presents. Us adults survived by drinking ALOT of Mt Dew :-) It was so much fun!! My kids had a blast and so did I! I love hanging out with the Nelsons!!! They are amazing people!! On my title it says the first annual because Im hoping its a new tradition we do for many years to come!!

He kept sneaking spoonfuls of sprinkles

The mountains of frosting and sprinkles

The aftermath

We cant wait to leave the reindeers food out!!!

Their Christmas puppet show with their new beanie babies

Ummm I think he likes it :-)

Savvy, Maddie and Kyrie with their new BFF necklaces and bracelets

The mountain of olives is Kamdyns

I had never tried danish and my friend made this from scratch and WOW!! Its so delish!!! She gave us 2! One for now and one for Christmas morning!!! Thank you Angel!!!!

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