Our Family

Our Family

Friday, December 28, 2012

First Lost Tooth

I have been wondering for a while if Jay was ever gonna lose any teeth. There was no sign of them even being loose and all the kids his age I know have lost at least one but most had lost multiple. FINALLY a couple weeks ago he showed us he had a loose tooth. I was so excited!!! On Dec 23rd as we were putting him to bed he showed me it was barely hanging on. I asked if I could just pull it out and he told me no way! He came up from bed 2-3 times showing us that it was even closer to falling out. Finally he came running up yelling it fell out and he was leaving a trail of blood as he ran to the bathroom to wash up. 30 seconds later Maddie comes running after him bawling hysterically cause he was bleeding. It was actually pretty funny the way she was reacting. I do love how close they are and how concerned they get about one another. So  it was a big deal here the next couple nights. Tooth Fairy one night and Santa the next. He already has another loose tooth so guess the Tooth Fairy will be paying a visit again soon!!

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brigette said...

Yay he joined the lost tooth club. So cute. They are growing up so fast!