Our Family

Our Family

Thursday, December 27, 2012

Hammond Cousin Photo Shoot 2012

What do you get when you try and take professional pics of 6 kids 6 years and under and 3 of which are under 1 year???? A whole lot of chaos thats what you get!! Even with that being obviously Kamrins sisters and I braved it and decided that would make a great Christmas gift. We went to the mall a while back and bought the girls fancy dresses and then got the boys little suits to match. We then decided that we would do a Christmas outfit if it was possible but if not the fancy ones would do. Well picture day came and boy were we in for a treat!! Apparently both my sister in laws babies didnt nap much that day and one wasnt feeling goo. Brynlee was sick also. We survived and even got some great pictures. After the shoot is when the real adventure started for me. We went to the parking lot and of course the van didnt start. Long story short my sister came to my rescue then we took Brynlee to the doctor and got home late. Just as I sat down to relax a firm knock on our front door scared the crap out of me. It was the cops. They were coming for our neighbor. They were out there so long hauling stuff in and out of the house most of the night. Just lovely huh?!?! Oh well at that matters is we got ADORABLE pics :-) 

How sweet is this?!?!?

1 baby crying....

2 babies crying.....

3 babies crying!!!!

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brigette said...

So cute the baby crying ones crack me up!