Our Family

Our Family

Friday, December 28, 2012


We had an AMAZING Christmas! Christmas Eve was nice and quiet all day just getting last minute cleaning done and we let the kids open 1 present during the day since we wouldnt be home til late and that way they could actually play with it for a while. We went to dinner at my brothers at 530. It was all so yummy! I love being with my family!! We then packed up and headed to Kamrins parents house for our pjs and do our toasts. Its tradition that we do that every year. We headed home to get the kids to bed so Santa could come. First they had to lay out the reindeer food we made with our friends and leave carrots for them also. We also left Santa cookies and my kids insisted he needed some of my friends homemade danish so I added that along with some milk of course. Im sure Santa didnt mind after all that danish was AMAZING!!! We all went to bed so Santa could come and pay us a visit!
Christmas morning we woke the kids up at 7 to open their gifts. I loved seeing their faces all morning! Santa was very good to them!! We just took our time enjoying all the presents and ate some danish for breakfast. We had to be to Kamrins grandmas at 10 cause Elder Hammond was calling! It was so good to talk to him! He sounded so happy!! After a good long talk with him we were all starving and ate lunch. We then did our gift exchange. We surprised his parents and grandma with the photo shoot we did. We made a book for his parents and a calendar for his grandma. Kamrins sister Shaless had my name and gave me the most amazing gift ever! Ill be honest I was a bit confused when I first opened it. It was a book and the cover was a picture of all 5 of us after Kamdyn was born. As I opened it I thought it was a book of pictures of my kids. I started to tear up. Then someone (not sure who) said "Its a book of your blog" I started bawling. It was all of 2010 which was the year Kamdyn was born so it covered my pregnancy and his birth. Thats why the cover was our family pic after he was born. Its a priceless gift and a absolutely love it! I hope to get the rest of the years of my blog someday. This is like my journal and scrapbook since I dont have much time to make real ones at this time in my life. After we were done there we headed home to grab presents for my family and headed to my other brothers house to exchange gifts with them. They also did a big dinner but we decided to just go home cause our kids were tired as can be and wanted to play with their stuff. Kamrins parents brought out all our gifts and to see what Santa brought the kids. We then had an early bedtime cause we were all so tired!!! We are so blessed to have such amazing people in our lives!!!! I hope everyone had a very Merry Christmas!!!!
Opening 1 present Christmas Eve

The 3 babies in their matching pjs

Leaving the reindeer food

Best sandwich ever!!

First Christmas for this sick girl

Crying as she looked through her book of grandbabies

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brigette said...

Looks like a great Christmas!! Cute mickey jammies!