Our Family

Our Family

Wednesday, December 26, 2012

Maddie turns 5!!!!

On Dec 21st my princess turned 5!! I cant believe I have been her mom for 5 whole years!! I think she had a pretty good birthday. My sister came and took her and Jay to lunch, went to a bounce place with her bffs (as she calls them) and had a little party for her that night once Kamrin got off work. She got lots of Justin Bieber stuff, make up, a Monster High doll oh and a bike!!
I always say you are 5 going on 15! You love everything girly and Justin Bieber is your crush right now. You love getting yourself ready and sometimes mommy wished you didnt :-) They need to make stickers for girls like you that say "I dressed myself" or "I did my own hair" You have to put on perfume daily. You used the rest of my $50 bottle so for your birthday we got you your own that you wouldnt get in trouble for using. You make me laugh and keep me on my toes. You are the best big sister ever! You are always looking out for Kamdyn and Brynlee. You are mommys big helper and daddys princess. At 5 you still have daddy wrapped around your little finger. Maddie we love you so very much!! Happy 5th Birthday Princess!!
Love, Mommy
Birthday girl going down the slide

Kyrie, Maddie, Savvy, Jaydan and Kamdyn

He loved how the floor felt

Snack time!

Her reaction to this cake was PRICELESS

Her very own perfume

Seeing her new bike

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brigette said...

Looks like fun! Happy Birthday Maddie!