Our Family

Our Family

Tuesday, February 3, 2009


Our Family Sept 2008

Kamrin with his princess for the first time

Daddys Little Man

On our wedding day

Today is my husbands birthday. He turned 26 today! The other day he looked at me and said "Im getting old, Im gonna be closer to 30 then 20 now!" I dont think he is old but hey. Today has been just another day so far. He is working so its just me and the kids. We went shopping all day to celebrate LOL. We got him balloons and fun stuff like that. After work we are going out to dinner and come home to give him presents. I just wanna tell him how much I love him and how grateful I am for him. He is a great husband and daddy. Happy Birthday Babe! I hope you have a great birthday night at least. I love you and and I am so thankful for you and for everything you do for me and our kids! You mean the world to all 3 of us!! I love you!!!


Wall family said...

That is the cutest video to dad! Jayden talks so good.

the duttons 411 said...

Wow, 26 seemed so long ago! Tell him Happy b-day for us!