Our Family

Our Family

Sunday, February 15, 2009

Happy Birthday Shaless And Kim!!!!!

This past Friday was not only my sister Kims birthday but it was Kamrins sister Shaless' birthday also. Their birthday landed on Friday the 13th this year!! It was a big birthday for Kim! It was her 3oth!! I feel bad posting this without a video of Jaydan talking to them but I wanted to catch up and we have been so busy and havent had time to make one but I promise you both that very soon I will post a video for each of you from him!! He loves making these videos for peoples birthdays!!

I know Shaless got to have her birthday off this year and was planning a nice and quiet day to herself and ending it with a nice dinner with her hubby. Shaless I really hope you had a great birthday!! You are a great aunt and a great sister! You have made me feel like not just your sister in law but like your sister. I love spending time with you guys and I know my kids just adore you to pieces!! Happy Birthday and we love you!!!

Kim on the other hand was stuck at work poor thing. I hope the night made up for it though. Some girls in her ward threw her a surprise party that my little family, my mom and Steph went to and we had fun!! The theme was 13 Going On 30 the movie since her 30th birthday landed on Friday the 13th! I thought it was clever!! So the refreshments were candy and treats from the 80s! 80s music was played! It was just fun!! Kim I hope you had a great birthday! Im happy we got to share some of it with you!! Thank you for being such a great sister and friend to me!! You always do soooo much for us and we appreciate it more then you know!! My kids just love you to death!! Happy Birthday and we love you!!

You both are amazing examples to me and I love you both very much!!!!!

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