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Our Family

Thursday, February 19, 2009

Pampering A Princess!!

When I found out Madyson was a girl I was SO SO SO excited!! Im a major girly girl. I love anything and everything girly!! I have been told over and over how I am out of control with the girly stuff I buy for Maddie. Girls need their pretties and accessories in my eyes. Now I know I have ALOT and she hasnt even had a chance to wear even 1/8th of what she has but hey when I need it, it will be there. The things I collect for her are bracelets, earrings and WOW I have ALOT of hair pretties for her. I have more then I will ever need but I cant help myself. I always see more and I just have to get it. I have gotten rid of SO many and still have hundreds and hundreds!! If my husband only knew how much I have spent on this kind of stuff :-) Lately the new girly accessory I have been collecting alot of for her is play necklaces. She LOVES them. She will sit there for an hour just put them on and take them off. I love Jay to death and wouldnt trade him for anything this world has to offer but having a girl is sure fun!! I love the clothes, dresses and all the accessories that come with having a girl!! So you be the judge am I OUT OF CONTROL or just having fun pampering my princess :-)

Over 30 Bracelets!! These are just the size she is in! I have a bunch packed away already!!

Earrings, earrings and more earrings!! I just got rid of over 20 pairs!!

The bow board my friend Jenny made is already FULL!!

The headbands that arent already packed away!!

The drawer of huge bows!!

The drawer of elastics for ponytails!!
The drawer of hair clips!!!


Anna and Ryan Staley said...

you are too funny. you should have your hairbows/clips like i do. i have a long ribbon that hangs on the bathroom wall and then clip the clips to it - works great.

Wall family said...

Oh, I wish I had a girl too.

Anonymous said...

The key here Ashley is that you already got rid of a whole lot. Yes, you are out of control but we love ya anyway. (SMILE)

The Pendletons said...

My question is what do you do with them when you "get rid" of them??? I would be the same way.

The Hammonds said...

I sell them Steph