Our Family

Our Family

Sunday, March 1, 2009

Road Trip To Vegas!

Instead of doing one LONG LONG post with a MILLIONS of pics I will just do a post for each stage of the trip. I knew it was gonna be hard to keep 2 kids under 3 happy for a long trip from SLC to Vegas but it actually went pretty smooth if I must say so myself. My kids are so easy going and are so patient for their ages. We went from here to Beaver and the stopped at a cafe for lunch. It was good food too. We then stopped and got cheese curds (squeaky cheese) and man was that good!! Then on to Vegas we went. So to entertain I packed ALOT of snacks, books, few toys and Jays kid dvd player. They both got restless here and there but hey so did I!!! I put Jays medicine on his face so I tucked his shirt under his car seat strap and had him pull funny faces at me to keep him from wiping his medicine off. Some of his faces cracked me up!!!! He is so cute and so full of personality. Maddie loves books and looked at them for a while and she stared out the window alot. She then was exploring the holes on her face (stuck her finger up her nose) and when that was so longer interesting she stuck her toes in her mouth!! She also meowed alot on our way down there. Ant animal she sees she meows. According to her cows and horses now meow just so you all knew :-) It was all in all a great road trip with 2 young ones. No meltdowns at all!! Im so lucky to have such easy going babies!!!!

Playing the arcade game at the cafe in Beaver


This is fun!!

Happy watching Barney

Passed out after lunch

She was exhausted

Pulling faces to keep hm from wiping his medicine off

Maddies exploring the holes in her face!

Showing me the tongue

Wheres Maddie?????

This is his surprised face :-)

Peek A Boo!!!

Eating cheese curds aka squeaky cheese

Apparently didnt eat enough lunch so her feet were the next best thing

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Sparker said...

Man! I am soooo jealous! I want to be on my way to Vegas! And, after a long road trip like that, why weren't you passed out a midnight instead of blogging! :). See you tonight.