Our Family

Our Family

Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Big Changes

There has been alot of changes at the Hammonds the last week. For the last year we have rented out our basement to our friends Kenny, Jenny and their daughter Brooke. This past weekend they moved out. There is only 2 bedrooms upstairs and so Maddie has been in our room since she was born. I always have my babies with me for the first few months but Maddie is 15 months now and its way past time for her to have her own room and ever more for us to have our own room back!!! Downstairs we have 3 rooms so I finally gave in and we are moving our rooms downstairs. We have been talking to Jay about it telling him he is going to sleep in Kenny and Jennys old room and he wanted nothing to do with that. He would tell us his bed is upstairs and he wanted to stay up here. I was trying to think of a way to get him excited about going down there and I finally thought of it. We bought him a race car bed and its down there for when we start sleeping down there. It worked just like I thought! He LOVES it!!! Now he tells us he wants to go and sleep downstairs and not in his other big boy bed but now he wants his car bed. Today I was kid free so I got all their clothes, dressers. some toys and their decorations down there but it will still be a few nights til we start sleeping down there. It has been fun decorating a girls room finally!!! In the 2 rooms upstairs 1 will be the play room because even though we will be sleeping downstairs I wont wanna hang out down there. The other will be a scrapbook room/office. Im excited to get all my scrapbook stuff out and organized and hopefully start working on it again!! Im excited to be doing this change but at the same time and very anxious about it!! Im a VERY paranoid person so of course the thought of us sleeping downstairs with nobody up here freaks me out ALOT. It may be silly but thats just me. I always think the worst. I will post pics of the kids rooms when they are done. They are going to be so fun and cute!!


Wall family said...

Yay, finally! :)

The Pendletons said...

Lets see the pics already.